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Re: Evo 2014

Messagepar DjaGoF » 15 Juil 2014, 23:17

c'est génial ça.

(mention spéciale à sw quand même, son bracket était ouf lol. Merci à toi Papa d'l'avoir battu. T'es beau.)
V3ctorman : Most important thing is to believe in yourself and your character. With that anytings possible.
On the real man, i'm so proud of you for going Yoshi, in your stuff man, and you did amazing!! that inspires me to play Yoshi some more too n_n

Blea Gelo a écrit:Why did you do this random falcon punch recover, i woulda won if you had recover with a single up b... I - I - I mean that was absolulty insane, nobody would do this in the real life dayum, I guess this is how the France rolls yo

Epidermik a écrit: wow, I've been showing my friends your videos and was telling them that "Djag is that good and he doesnt smoke!"
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Re: Evo 2014

Messagepar Shloub » 15 Juil 2014, 23:21

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